There are a ton of ways for remedial tasks to become more engaging and activity-driven for seniors. Here are some tips on changing the everyday, and giving your loved ones or any seniors in your life better ways to stay active.


Doesn’t have to be exercise

Exercise is a simple and consistent route to stay active, it isn’t the only route though to maintaining activity. This can be through engaging games, conversation, or any sort of activity that requires engaged thinking.


advanced board games- strategy games are a great route to improve memory, engage deeper techniques for retention of learning. Also, the rules of a game and staying within its boundaries is a great route to keep your engagement high, as well as subtle evaluations of mental state.


conversation based games or engaging activities- Conversation-based games and activities are a ton of fun for group settings. These can be murder mystery games or even as simple as two truths and a lie.


Activities including exercise


Pool activities – swimming engages so much of the body, it’s a fantastic route to keep senior activity high. Also, swimming allows for easily measurable and attainable goals. These goals give seniors opportunity for growth, as well as learning opportunities for new strokes and lessons. With each of these in a group setting, you’ll see a higher tolerance and positivity toward communal activity. This also will open the door for some friendly competition, and a bit of stakes for developing and improving a stroke.


If you have any questions about developing senior activity or finding ways to engage, we’re here to help. Give us a call today to learn more about our care services and how we function to give seniors a better quality of life, as well as engaging opportunities for them to grow. We’re looking forward to hearing from you soon!