Dementia is a type of mental disorder caused by a diseased brain marked by significant memory loss, impaired reasoning, and various personality changes. People with dementia typically have symptoms that worsen over time, so having a caregiver that has the patience and compassion to take care of their every need, task, and desire will be necessary to give the suffering individual an enjoyable last few years of life.

Tips on how to care for someone with dementia

  • Do your best to create a routine that will allow the person suffering from dementia to complete their daily tasks at the same time each day
  • Assist in creating to-do lists, making appointments, and maintaining a calendar
  • Plan out fun activities to keep their mind active
  • Help to ensure they take their medications correctly each day
  • Give the individual as much freedom as possible (or that they feel comfortable with)
  • Purchase helpful amenities for the bathroom area such as a shower stool or bars to assist them when bathing
  • Keep them active and moving their body at a level that is comfortable for them
  • Maintain a healthy diet and/or meal plan for the individual
  • Keep their space clean and free from anything they could trip or fall on
  • Be sure to maintain your utmost compassion and patience
  • Be reassuring and as respectful as possible

Now that you are more aware of how to treat someone who is suffering from dementia, the person you may be caring for will be at a much larger benefit because you’ll know how to go about caring for them in the best way possible so that both you and them can feel comfortable with each other on an everyday basis.

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