Senior living activities are essential to maintaining a healthy life. Here are the best tips on activities to get involved in, both mental and physical.


Mental Senior Living Activities


Game Nights

Game nights get everyone involved. In senior living homes, games that involve playing a role, chatting with each other, and implementing strategy are fantastic. For example, a murder mystery is an advanced game, but its easy to understand. Getting a strong group together forms bonds and trust is a great way to build a community for senior living activities.



Board games are a fantastic stimulus to the brain. You enjoy competing with other seniors, you get to implement strategy, and try new moves. Additionally, these games are fantastic for memory, as they tie remembering rules and particular strategies to winning games. However, chess can be a bit much for some. There’s a ton of strategy to it and you’ll need ample experience to really play well. Additionally, there are other less complicated, more beginner-friendly games to try before chess. Once comfortable with simpler games, games like chess and other advanced games can be implemented.


Crosswords and Challenging Game Shows


Jeopardy and crosswords are fantastic brain exercises to get you prepared for the day. In senior living, having an episode recorded to watch in the morning and crosswords to pair with that episode will stimulate the brain immensely. Additionally, the rest of the day is more productive. You’ll have more energy and be more positively ready for challenges. Eventually, everything just seems to get easier.


Physical Senior Living Activities



Throw on a few fan favorites and get an immediate response in your senior living home. Dancing is a great way to get a group of seniors active together and bonding over old favorite songs. Also, dancing is a simple activity that can be very slow with the right playlist.


Swimming and Aquatic Senior Living Activites

Swimming in a shallow pool gives you a bit of movement while not stressing you terribly. Moderate strain and stress give you the perfect opportunity to get your seniors moving without having heavy risks of harm or pain present. Additionally, you can get aerobics and lap swimming going for more experienced swimmers.